Research Overview

My interests focus on bilingualism and second-language acquisition. In particular, I’m interested in second-language learners and their experiences learning in both formal and informal contexts. This can include learner attitudes and perceptions, but also can include psycholinguistic studies of learner biases and transfer. This stems from my experiences in both quantitative and qualitative research, and I try to perform mixed-methods research whenever possible.


Master’s Research Paper

Clark, M. (2020). L2 Japanese learner awareness and attitudes towards dialectal variation: A mixed-methods study (Unpublished master’s research paper). Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. [pdf]

Journal Articles

  • Clark, M., Khaled, N., Kohn, M., & Armoskaite, S. (2019). Let’s talk emotions: A case study on affective grammar. Glossa: A Journal of General Linguistics4(1), 20. DOI:

Poster Presentations

  • Clark, M. (2019). “L2 Japanese learner awareness and attitudes towards dialectal variation.” GURT, Georgetown University, Mar. 30. [poster]
  • Gardner, B., Clark, M., Pogue, A., and Kurumada, C. (2018). “Real-time pragmatic processing with a novel lexicon.” CUNY, University of California Davis, Mar. 16. [poster]
  • Clark, M., McGuire, G., Khaled, N., Kohn, M., Morgan, C., Orth, W. Vaccaro, A., and Armoskaite, S. (2016). “Let’s talk X.” Dimensions of D Workshop, University of Rochester, Sept. 17-18. [poster]
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