Journal Articles

  • Clark, M., Khaled, N., Kohn, M., & Armoskaite, S. (2019). Let’s talk emotions: A case study on affective grammar. Glossa: A Journal of General Linguistics4(1), 20. DOI:

Poster Presentations

  • Clark, M. (2019). “L2 Japanese learner awareness and attitudes towards dialectal variation.” GURT, Georgetown University, Mar. 30. [poster]
  • Gardner, B., Clark, M., Pogue, A., and Kurumada, C. (2018). “Real-time pragmatic processing with a novel lexicon.” CUNY, University of California Davis, Mar. 16. [poster]
  • Clark, M., McGuire, G., Khaled, N., Kohn, M., Morgan, C., Orth, W. Vaccaro, A., and Armoskaite, S. (2016). “Let’s talk X.” Dimensions of D Workshop, University of Rochester, Sept. 17-18. [poster]