Data Visualizations

Independent Samples

Tableau Public – ESRB Ratings

An interactive dashboard showcasing video game data sampled from IMDB by their ESRB Ratings: E (Everyone), E10+ (Everyone 10+) T (Teen), M (Maturetableau sample 17+), and AO (Adults Only 18+). Created in Tableau Public.

[live demo]

For Companies

Bidscale Connect Beta – Insights Panel

An interactive line chart showing the total number of open acquisitions available on Bidscale Connect Beta each week. Mousing over each dot provides the total number of open acquisitions. Combined with a collection of KPIs showing other weekly stats of acquisitions on Bidscale Connect Beta. Coded in Typescript D3 and MUI V5.


Bidscale Select – Contract Specialist Dashboard

A collection of KPIs, a donut chart, and a line chart providing contract specialists insights into how their evaluations’ progress. Breaking down each evaluation into tasks, the dashboard not only provides updates on the status of each task, but also a forecast into how progress will continue in the future. Coded in Typescript D3 and MUI v5.Select_KODashboard

Student Veteran Life Cycle

An interactive sunburst diagram showing the paths of veterans post-high school. Each node indicates a sequential stage in one’s life, going up to eight stages. LCA_Preview Coded in Javascript D3.

[live demo]

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